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CNHidee LED Panel Light Package

Brief introduction:
In LED light market, there are huge various of different package. The LED light package technology which used depends on the LED light application. Now I will introduce CNHidee LED panel light package for you.

A very important fact in LED technology is the management of thermal, especially for high brightness of LED environment. Due to the fact that thermal management has closely relationship with reliability, lifetime and performance of the LED module. In order to design certain and longer lifespan of LED, it’s necessary to require the applications knowledge of the heat flow.

Why should we know more about LED light package?

LED light industry exist prevalent color rendering index, color temperature, life parameter identifies missing or false. To change the current situation of LED lamps identity confusion, LED as a light source with the traditional lighting is very different, the manufacturers need to explain to consumers the product's key performance packaging.

How to keep the goods perfect when customers receive them?

Of course it’s based on the excellent package, during the long time and long distance transportation, all customers are willing to receive the goods as the same as being sent out, no defect, no damage.
What’s unique in CNHidee LED light package?

Now I introduce CNHidee LED panel light packing details for you. Let’s check it out together.

1.Round LED Panel Light(D180xH16mm,D240xH16mm)

Round LED Panel Light package

Light and easy to transport;
Sealing performance is good;
Meeting with environmental green packaging requirements;
Apply to any grotesque goods packaging;
Manufacturing goods transparent, elegant, attractive and easy to sell.

2.Square LED Panel Light 300x300mm,300x600mm

LED Panel Light 300x300mm package


3.Square LED Panel Light 300x1200mm

LED Panel Light 300x1200 package


4.Our best seller,600x600mm LED Panel Light

600x600mm LED Panel Light package


600x600mm LED Panel Light package 2

We have received  positive  feedback for our clients about our package, all of our LED products are being protected as a top grade gift.

Always assuring the best of our services. Written by Bruce from LED light news.

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