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LED Tube Light At CNHidee

It's becoming a big trend that traditional tubes will be widely replaced by LED tube light. But because of several of reasons, the LED light market is not so stable and mature. On condition that all LED LIGHTING is energy-saving, it’s getting more and more important to distinguish the good quality among thousands of LED LIGHTING brands.

At CNHIDEE, We specialized in: 

LED TUBE LIGHT (Ordinary, Triac dimmable, Sound sensor)
LED PANEL LIGHT (Ordinary, PWM dimmable, Triac dimmable, RGB)
LED DOWNLIGHT (Ordinary, PWM dimmable, Triac dimmable)

Details as below:
Led tube light available sizes and wattage
1.   2 feet (600mm): 10W
2.   3 feet (900mm): 14W
3.   4 feet (1200mm): 18W / 20W
4.   5 feet (1500mm): 23W

LED Tube Light At CNHidee 1

How to judge TUBE LIGHT's QUALITY?

Determine that the energy-saving lamp is safe;
Check the quality of the material used, are they fire rated, are the electronic components compliant with your local electrical regulations, is the general molding neat and very well designed. You need to pay attention to all those aspects regarding the inside and outside quality build.

Good led tube lights average life expectancy is greater than 5000 hours, poor product average life of about 1000 hours.

3.Luminous flux
The light fades and the light effects initially achieved are all lost. A good LED tube is supposed to maintain 95% of its initial lighting measure after 50,000 hours. 

What we offer:
We are the manufacturer of LED tubes for general lighting.

LED Tube Light At CNHidee 2
1. We do length of 60, 90, 120 and 150cm.
2. Our light power efficiency > 90%.
3. We are mainly doing frosted cover.
4. We do twistable and then fixed to the socket.
5. We do internal power mainly.
6. Warranty 3 years.
For more details please contact us at

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