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LED lighting advantages of modular source

LED lighting advantages of modular source,such as LED panel lights, LED downlights designed modular light, enhanced heat dissipation and reduce failures, improve service life, stable power supply current precision.

Modular LED lamps light to bring five major advantages:

effectively reduce costs
Reduce the number of packages, the package cost savings;
With the environment, production conditions improve consistency, improve yields;
Optical design to reduce costs;
Lower thermal design costs;
Batch mixed package, reducing the cost of sub-file;
Product design to simplify and reduce the overall cost;
Cheap package architecture. This technology, LED lighting industry will guide the healthy direction.

② lower thermal resistance
Source and heat sink shell direct binding;
Avoid the PCB as a hot media;
Reduce chip thermal path to the shell;
Introduction of new thermal spread technology; most effectively reduce heat thermal resistance, thermal design to solve the problem.

high precision constant current
Consider Vf value within a unified module;
Constant current source by a small outside influence;
Linear technology is mature high, no peripheral devices affect the accuracy;
No EMI interference problems affect the accuracy;
Multiple parallel to each other does not affect the accuracy of independence;
Against power fluctuations affect the load current precision. Highest precision constant current architecture, the life of the LED brightness consistency and optimized design architecture.

protection integrated design
Built-in temperature protection;
Internal power supply and protection technology;
Built-in high grayscale interface;
Short circuit and open circuit protection;
You can set the linkage protection;
ESD protection.
Any other built-in features, protection needs can be discussed.

take the traditional supply road
This is a prudent first step; optional strong; costs are most favorable; switching power supply indicators are not achieved, LED power supply also realized also difficult, detours; Even powerful companies design, LED section also takes time verification; no electromagnetic compatibility issues. Maturation takes time power, some publicity about the LED power rush you believe that? First constant, then the linear constant current, must be the future mainstream market LED lighting drive!

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