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LED lighting in the office layout

As the diversified development of the market economy and changes in the company structure, types, departments, degree of independence, as well as employees of the company will produce a great deal of difference in degree of independence, so the company slowly began to focus on the work areas now divided, different areas to create a different atmosphere. And LED lamp lighting is so cartoony, it can help us to create a different atmosphere.

1. Office of the dorm

In the middle of a dorm Office, using a single main light source right? You cannot. Why?

First, from offices patterns Division, everyone is bound to move closer to the main light source, which limits the flexibility of placement and chairs placed.

Secondly, from a psychological experience, such lighting arrangements, would sit in the Office "dark" corners of the staff psychologically a sense of outlier, Office groups the feel marginalized, ignored, it would greatly reduce the degree of identification with the company. And sat down in the "Center" of employees by strong lights, also produce anxiety, stress, emotion, affect the work.

2. the lounge

The lounge is a place to relax and is also an important part of human management, restrooms representative is to relax. May I ask, a relaxing lounge for cool shade it?

No, because the cool lighting gives a cold feeling, under the cool shade it's hard to relax, get nervous, and even generate a strong desire to protect themselves.

Do? We can use warm lighting, warm light creating a friendly, warm atmosphere, that's when the brain and muscles will relax, rest. Environment while at the same time, you can also consider wall color and light color combination, this time making people feel warm, achieve the purpose of relaxing.

3. the Conference room

Features of the room is generally more complex, sometimes need to relax in the boardroom, some brainstorming, but sometimes the Conference room will be of serious concern.

Preferably in the meeting room for the light switch, when read, for example, light is focused on the desktop, employees brainstorming warm-up use of diffuse light.

The time dimension

As we all know, every daily, monthly, quarterly activities operate with the rhythms of light and dark, human in this process is activated, sleep the sleep, it's time to wake up wake up

1. work during the day. Under sufficient light circumstances they feel lazy. Due to insufficient lighting will enhance the secretion of melatonin, screw up people's biological clocks, and reduced efficiency, thus affecting the physical and mental health, of course, also affect the efficiency. What kind of lighting is most suitable for Office workers during the day then? Use of natural light as much as possible, it not only helps to conserve energy, but more importantly is it bright and soft, has a good effect on our body and mind, so this time we use a combination of natural light and artificial light use, daytime office workers create the most comfortable environment.

2. crazy overtime. Good bosses don't let employees under the Dim light of the hard work. From the physiological mechanisms, due to the brain after stimulation of light, may regulate the secretion of melatonin, thereby affecting sleep and wake mechanism. In addition, from the psychological mechanism, the Dim lighting gives the feeling was desolate, neglected.

In short, we have to find a way for our staff to create lighting closest to the natural light, because the more natural, more people feel safe and comfortable. Therefore, Office lighting and composition to be close to natural light, the intensity of light to medium-strong, the color white, weaker sense of rhythm. For large companies, owns high-grade office buildings, a bad lighting environment affects employee 1% attention, come to think of it, this is equivalent to how much earnings would reduce corporate?

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