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LED lighting products where price

Looking for the price difference of LED lighting products, we need to understand the structural features of LED lamps.

1, LED light source

(1) Voltage: LED using a low voltage power supply, power supply voltage between 6-24V, varies depending on the product, so it is a more secure than using a high voltage power supply, especially for public places.
(2) Performance: energy consumption compared with incandescent light efficiency by 80%.
(3) Usability: small, a small piece of each LED unit 3-5mm square, it can be prepared into various shapes in the device and adapted to the environment variable.
(4) Stability: 100,000 hours, the light fades for the initial 50%.
(5) Stability: Bulb type, such as: SMD2835,5013 so on.

2, LED light-emitting diode and wafer

(1) Brightness: LED brightness is not the same, the price is not the same.
(2) antistatic ability: antistatic ability of the LED, long life, and therefore higher prices. Usually static than 700V the LED can be used for LED lighting.
(3) Wavelength: The same wavelength of the LED, the same color, then the price is high. No LED spectral separation device manufacturers can not produce pure color basic products.
(4) Leakage current: LED is a one-way conductive light, if there is reverse current is called leakage, leakage current is large LED, life is short, low prices.
(5) Viewing angle: different uses LED light emission angle is different, special light angle, the higher the price.
(6) Life: Different quality is the key to life, life is determined by the light fades. Light decay, long life, long life, high price.
(7) Chip: LED luminous body wafer, different chips, prices vary widely. Japan, the United States, higher chip prices, the general price wafers China Taiwan and mainland production is lower than Japan, the United States.
(8) chip size: the size of the chip to side expressed great quality LED chip is better than small chips. The price of the same chip size is proportional.

3, LED lighting design
Each product will have a different design for different purposes, the reliability of the design of LED lighting includes: electrical safety, fire safety, applicable environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, safe use of time and other factors.
From electrical safety point of view, should be consistent with relevant international and national standards. Since LED is a new product, the Chinese national standard lag, but the state provides product qualification testing.

     From the applicable environmental safety perspective, there is a reliable dust-proof design, material fire, anti-UV, anti-low temperature cracking price LED products is high.
From the safe use of the time, the average consumer is more difficult to respective merits, design reliability, component selection merits or not, have a great relationship with the price.

Therefore, LED lighting products price differences, but also LED lamps Poor reflect the merits.

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