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The Common Defect of LED Panel Light

Defect: Dark corner on the LED panel light

Defect: Dark corner on the LED panel light

Failed panel as below:

Possible reason :
One or more LEDs went loose during transportation hence causing an entire circuit to mulfucntion.

Repair Guidance For the Common Defect of LED Panel Light

Solution: please follow these steps

LED panel light Solution: please follow these steps

Backside of the panel

Hold the cable, as you open the cover

Unscrew the back cover

Carefully Take out the board inside

* Very important: when you take out the below parts, please remember their directions & facing sides.
After fixing, you should put those parts back to their exact former positions.
For example: diffuser with one side scrub, one side smooth.
(Smooth side is the most outside cover, while scrub side is the inner side)

LED Panel light fixing

led panel light fixing 2

Take out the L.G.P. board

Hand push the diffuser
From outside, center part.

You will see part of the LED that has a defect at the Edges, that's one group.

LEDs like these are good.

Take out the diffuser

This kind of LED with loose weld, caused the defect
*** These 2 photos are under a microscope
In case you can't find anything wrong from here.
Please help to take clear photo of the parts with dark corner,
Then we can analyze them here and advise you accordingly.

LED Panel light fixing 3

LED Panel Light fixing 4

Use a Soldering iron to fix the LED
(Connect problem LED to PCB)

Give power before assembly,
Make sure ALL leds are lit.

Put back the diffuser / L.G.P. board / insert wires into the gap / cover it / and screw all parts.

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